Last week was one of complete anticipation. One of my favorite times of year, next to Jazmin starting school and the start of the new television season. It’s time for FOOTBALL baby! More importantly, Cowboys football.

I am not gonna lie, football is my favorite sport. I live & breath for the NFL between August-February.

I’ve been a Cowboys fan all my life. Some of my favorite memories growing up was watching the Cowboys win their Super Bowl championships with my dad & my brother. Now as an adult, I still look forward to watching Sunday football with my dad. Every weekend we go to my dad’s and watch the game of the week. Unfortunately because we live in Chicago, we usually have to watch the Bears or the Packers.

This weekend the Cowboys are playing against the “hometown team” (I use that term very loosely, I am still a TX girl at heart).  The Cowboys (0-1) will be playing the Chicago Bears (1-0) at home. By some miracle, the Bears were able to pull off a win last Sunday, that is still being talked about. A new rule gave the Bears a needed break against the Lions (0-1). In my opinion, the Lions should have had the touchdown and the win, but what do I know, I am just a girl and a fan. I’ve never had much faith in the Bears and apparently, neither do my coworkers. One has the Cowboys winning 17-14, the other has 28-9.

After Monday’s upsetting loss, the Cowboys are looking to come back stronger than ever. They made mistakes, penalties cost them a lot of missed opportunities. The Cowboys need to learn from their mistakes on Monday night and regroup. They have to play like they want to be the first home team to host a Super Bowl. We have the key players in place to make that happen, they just have to believe in themselves as much as we do.

Win or lose, I am a Cowboys fan for life.

Let’s do this! I can’t wait for gameday!!!