My daughter recently informed me that she wanted to enroll in her school’s band program next year. As a former band member myself, I couldn’t be prouder. I absolutely loved the music education that I received throughout middle school and high school. I don’t think I can remember a happier time. There was something about the sound that came out of a horn, a saxophone, or a flute that just sounded absolutely beautiful. Even now, every time I hear one, it brings back all those memories.

According to the VH1 save the music website, there are numerous studies and various research programs that show that students who enroll in music programs in school are more likely to stay in and perform better in school. Learning to read music teaches a child the importance of keeping time and helps them excel in math.

Along with learning comes the opportunity to travel. When I was in 8th grade our district sent a group of us to Washington D.C. for a week. We were able to tour Washington D.C. while performing at some of the most beautiful sites in D.C. One of my best memories was performing in front of the reflecting pool near the Washington Monument.

For the first time in 5 years, the East Aurora High School Band left last Sunday to  perform at the Disney World  & Universal Theme Parks. For some of the kids in the East Aurora Band program this is their first opportunity to go to Orlando to visit Disney World, for  others its an experience of a lifetime. There is nothing like playing in front of an audience, knowing that you have brought a little music into someone’s day.

Support your children if they want to pursue music, it will be one of the greatest experiences of their lives. Support your local school districts, we are quickly running out of funds for the arts in public schools. I can’t think of my daughter missing out on the experience that my brother & I had in  middle school & high school.

For me, I am proud to say that next school year, I will be the proud parent of a flute player. I would have preferred her play the sax, but I guess that’s just the sax player in me.